They have been revealed shirts, jackets, notebooks and many other things inspired by the successful series of Game of Thrones, this time it is the turn of the designer Philippe LD, who has given an incredible design turn to create the concept of the Games Thrones, Nike Shoes !


House Stark

The redesigned model for the great house of the series, the Stark House, is the Magician Obra II, where white and green are combined with black details. It includes the characteristic wolf of the emblem of the house on the outside of the boot.


House Targaryen

House Targaryen shoe is the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III X, where red and white are the main colors, this model includes details also in black and white and in which appears the dragon with three heads identifying the Targaryen family.


House Lannister

The model selected for the House Lannister is the Mercurial Superfly V, boots where the gold color predominates, so characteristic of the banners of the Lannister with black details.


House Baratheon

The Time Legend VI model is the one chosen for the Baratheon House. With yellow, representative color of the house, it includes details in black of gray and white tones. The deer characteristic of the emblem of the Baratheon is also present


White Walkers

To close the tribute of Nike and Philippe LD to Game of Thrones, a special reference is made to the White Walkers, for whom the Nike Mercurial Superfly V has been chosen again, with different shades of blue, black and Blank branding logo.