Betha is an agency that was founded in order to create targeted strategies to meet the online advertising needs of businesses.

We analyze your competitors actions and your potential advantages over them, with that information we prepare your digital marketing plan according to every need of your business. We define your business tactics, we help you identify your potential customers, considering the ideal positioning and ways to achieve it.

Betha worries a lot about the image and branding of your idea, that’s why we add special effort to the visual creativity of your social media plan, your website and even your app!

One of our main missions is to provide you with integral marketing and advertising ideas that help you launch your brand in social media, creating attractive experiences for your clients that allow you to achieve loyalty to your company, thus contributing to your development and commercial growth.

We work with both experienced and new entrepreneurs. If you already have a marketing plan previously developed, we help you optimize it and if you do not have one, we work with you to create it.

Do not let the fact of not having a marketing budget stop you. Here in Betha Media we will choose a small group of entrepreneurs monthly and will work together with them to create their promotion plan, completely non-profit!

Summary of legal conditions: Betha Media is a trademark owned by María Alejandra Goudet Díaz who is located in Caracas, Venezuela. Therefore, all commercial activities done under the name of Betha Media are responsibility and are directly related to María Alejandra Goudet Díaz.